Logo & Web Design: Art and Ink

This was a comprehensive project to demonstrate what the capable Art & Ink team could do for clients, but first we had to show this in their own brand identity.


    Art & Ink


    Brand Identity & Website Design

Art & Ink has been partnering with me for some time now. We’ve worked together to drive their online presence, creating a corporate identity, product photography, and even SEO content creation. They are an innovative and talented team, forever pushing the edge of contemporary merchandising and always out to maximize their product offerings and branding opportunities for their clients. 

With their rapid growth and excellent market response, it was clear that their old “brochure-ware” website wasn’t keeping pace with their current product offerings and the prestige and presence of their clients. They needed to up the tempo of their online branding, email blasts, and logo. This was the start of an opportunity to attack the gaps in brand presentation and better finesse the public image of this exceptional and gifted team.

With a WordPress website already specified for the great SEO returns we typically see from a site of this nature, I re-skinned the site with a bespoke page layout and design, including a fresh take on the typography and presentation of their signature CMYK color scheme. I also created a redesign of their monthly newsletter to their clients, which remains one of their principal marketing tools. The goal was to make the website and email marketing instruments seem more dynamic and “active” than in the past. 

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