Classic Bike Mart Logo Design

After a lot of finessing the client settled on this logo for their classic British bike spares shop. Logo design is like detective work, with you trying to figure out what it is the client sees in their head.


    Classic Bike Mart


    Brand Identity

Collaboration is the name of the game with design work which makes it challenging and exciting. For this logo design project, a long-term collaborator needed a logo designed for his vintage motorcycle store. The brief was alarmingly short: Something like the classic British Bike Marques of old, but don’t make it look like the Triumph logo. 

The store’s name is Classic Bike Mart, and the logo needed to translate across multiple media forms. Still, its principal deployment would be on a website, an invoice, business cards, and eventually t-shirts. So we kept refining and refining until we ended up with this utterly simple, clean, and modern design that seemed to resonate with their vintage bike aesthetic sensibilities and translate across various media forms. When you see how spotless and impeccably manicured their bikes are, you get a sense of why they needed their logo to be “just so.”

Logo design is always such a personal undertaking because it’s about creating an identity for a client. Good logo design takes patience and a fiercely collaborative attitude to get the best out of everyone involved.

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