A recreation of David McCandless’s “Drugs World” infographic, with an update for use in a specifically African context.

I spotted a lovely infographic in David McCandless’s Information is Beautiful called “Drugs World” which I thought could be useful to folks working in the field of addiction in South Africa. However, the original version lacked a real-world African application (a number of the drugs have different brand names in Africa, most street drugs weren’t included). To be fair, I don’t really think McCandless’s original infographic was attempting to describe these things specifically African drugs or the street drugs when it was conceived.

I got a lot of help from a friendly GP who assisted with the trickier drug names and applications. Using McCandless’s graphic as a starting point I updated the information and gave the design a bit of a tweak.

There are two versions hosted here, and please feel free to grab yourself a copy if you are in need of one. They are free to use, especially if you need them for addiction work. Be sure to let me know if they have helped you at all, or if you need a similar infographic design created for your work.

PDF Version – good for printing a poster

PNG Version – good for reading on a screen

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