I created and managed all the content and design for this large project for T-shirt company, SpectraUSA. This involved prepping media for two very different web platforms, optimizing all copy and images for SEO, creating content marketing copy, email blasts to customers and daily site and product updates.




    Content Creation, Management & Web Design

The Web Design and Management of SpectraUSA, an ever-evolving web presence, shopping cart, and social media design project, came with its challenges but also its share of rewards. It began as an effort to save a functional but very creaky WordPress blog and convert it to a pro-level Magento shopping cart. This project developed into a fantastic piece of project management and on-the-fly bespoke design solutions for an ever-evolving, highly-innovative client. I took care of the theme designing, typography, and graphic design aspects for a Magento installation and the WordPress content management website development. Both of these projects needed to serve an established audience accustomed to high levels of service delivery and design from this excellent, California-based t-shirt company.

Of critical importance to this project was deploying top drawer SEO practice whilst keeping the Magento store secure, up-to-date with the latest patches and bug fixes, and monitoring product inventories, descriptions, and price changes to ensure excellent service delivery.

I also shot an entirely new catalog for the store using professional models, including the entire Spectra back-catalog of products in a single week, shooting during the day and editing the pictures overnight. The technical team that provided exceptional technical support for these projects was Dev2host, whose expertise and vigilance were invaluable for a massive undertaking like this one. We had wrapped both the social media and the shopping cart development within two months (complete with the new catalog) and deployed these two great sites to excellent effect for the company. I carried the bulk of the design and layout work via the Adobe suite of design products while running the project management from an excel spreadsheet with daily updates from the inimitable Jerry at Dev2host, my veritable Obi-Wan Kenobi of tech support.

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