I created an elegant web and brand presence for the Changecraft Consulting team who specialize in simplifying things for their customers. The core message was to demonstrate the move from confusion to simplicity.


    Change Craft Consulting


    Web & Brand Design

Multinational wellness consultancy Changecraft was in need of a website update and brand identity reboot. Working closely with one of their directors, Hanlie Van Wyk, I fashioned their new brand identity around a Zen ensō symbol – the time-honored Buddhist emblem for the unfettered mind ready to create. Given the work this incredible team performs in corporate wellness, this seemed a fitting emblem for their organization. In addition, the Change Craft website design and corporate identity project was another opportunity to show how good design, from brand guide through to logo, presentation and web design, can bring a fresh air of professionalism and cohesion to a company’s messages.

We gave the ensō a minor tweak by adding a splash of color, again symbolic of how this team likes to work across a spectrum of organizations and in a wide variety of ways to bring out the best in a company. Hanlie picked out the typography herself; Myriad (a fave of both of ours) and Montserrat, a great headline font via Google that plays so well in both print and digital media and which should dazzle in their presentations.

Their palette evolved from the spectrum within the ensō, and we specifically selected bold but muted tones to convey a sense of seriousness and focus which is not without perspective and fun, making sure we included an effervescent pink in the mix for punctuation and the sheer joy of the Change Craft approach.

From the outset, I aimed to create the simplest of websites with a strong emphasis on SEO which could play well with social media and plug directly into Change Craft’s LinkedIn accounts without a massive learning curve for the users. One of the great difficulties in any web design project is illustrating the customer journey through product offering or service in a simple and easy-to-understand format. The simple one-page diagram I came up with explains the journey from confusion and frustration to the “sticky change” Change Craft is famous for. Sometimes the lords of karma smile on you, and the work does itself. However, I owe a large hat-tip to Hanlie and the team at Change Craft, who are just incredible to work with, making every step of the journey terrific fun.

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